Word Games

I’ve always loved playing Mad Libs, so I made something similar for my own book. I can’t call it Mad Libs because that’s trademarked. But I pulled three short sections from Once upon a Shoe and made them into fill-in-the-blank word games. My son had fun playing them with me and I’ll post up some pics of the best ones soon.

Check out my extras page to download and play. I included a first page that has a list of the word types for anyone playing by themselves. I’d love to see any results in the comments, but please keep it within the range of PG-13 since this is for a YA book.

Have you read K. M. Shea’s Timeless Fairy Tales?

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Timeless Fairy Tales

K. M. Shea is one of my favorite authors. Beauty and the Beast was the very first book of hers that I read, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Although I’m still catching up on some of her older books, I have read and loved the entirety of her 11-book Timeless Fairy Tale series. I absolutely adored her take on these fairy tales, and I have trouble deciding which story is my favorite. All of the books are free to read in Kindle Unlimed. If you don’t have KU, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial.

*Updated 1/23/21

The first three books are now available in a box set if you want to buy these books and save some money.

There are also some connected series that I didn’t mention in my original post and I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps I intended to give them their own posts and just never followed through.

The Snow Queen Saga takes place long before the Timeless Fairytales. I want to say it was centuries prior, but my memory could be rusty. The Snow Queen is a well-known historical figure in the Timeless Fairytales and the characters and events from this story are referenced fairly often with the degree of accuracy you could expect from any historical reference.

You could potentially read either series first without too much trouble. I read most of the Timeless Fairytales first since there were only a few of them out when I got hooked on the series and the Snow Queen Saga was published sometime after I started reading but before the Timeless Fairytales series was finished.

That said, I would recommend reading the Snow Queen after the Timeless Fairytales because there are some key connecting elements and you may know a little too much if you read the Snow Queen first. I don’t think it would be the sort of information that would ruin the experience, but I think it would still be better to read this second.

The last interconnected series I wanted to share is K. M. Shea’s Fairy Tale Enchantress series. I would highly recommend reading this after both other series for two reasons. One reason is that the timeline overlaps with all of the Timeless Fairy Tales series and the main character in this series, Angelique, knows a lot of things that would spoil the experience in the other books. The other reason is that this is not a complete series yet.

I’ve loved every book that is out and I’ve been eagerly waiting for the rest of the books in the series.

There are currently 3 books available. The first book starts before Beauty and the Beast in the Timeless Fairy Tales. The last book that came out almost catches up with the end of the final book in the Timeless Fairy Tales series. If I remember right, I think K. M. Shea said there are going to be 6 books total in this series and that she intends to release book 4 this year. I could be wrong, so if you are interested in when the rest of these books will be out and how many there will be, you should check out her blog.

Once you’ve read any of these stories, I would also recommend checking out her extra scenes that can be found on her website.

Book recommendation

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I’ve been mentioning books I’ve read recently in my newsletters, but I wanted to try it out on my website.

So for my first post, I’m recommending J. M. Stengl’s latest book, The Lady and the Wish. It’s a retelling of King Thrushbeard, a fairytale that I’m sadly unfamiliar with. I actually love all of the books in her Faraway Castle series, but this one is my favorite so far.

Right now, it’s free in KU on Amazon

*Updated 1/23/21

If you want to save a little money buying these books, the first 3 books in the series are in a box set.