Bewitching Fairy Tales

I love these books. Both of them fuse two different fairytales together. Stalks of Gold is a cross between Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin, and Mirrors of Ice combines Snow White with The Snow Queen. I loved reading both of them and I’m sure you will too.

Each story can be read as a standalone, but I saw so much potential for future story connections. I look forward to seeing more in this series and from this author.

My Latest Hobby

As I sit writing this, I am aching all over from last night’s training and not exactly looking forward to torturing myself again tonight. I just joined a Jujitsu class. So hobby may not be the right word for it. It’s fun, but one of my biggest reasons for joining is to help meet my weight loss goal.

My son started classes in the summer of 2019. When Covid hit, the school he was in did everything virtually and I was pretty much his practice dummy since I didn’t know anything about it. They had resumed classes back in Texas for a few months before we moved. But he had to be out of it until recently since the gyms here were still shut down, so he’s only been able to go back for the last few months.

Despite my body pains, I think it is a fun activity that I’m glad to share with my son. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get used to it enough to not be so sore. And hopefully, I’ll not suck at it for too long either, LOL.

April and May Roundup

Since I didn’t post much in April, I’ve combined the roundups.

Here are this month’s book promotions.

I started something new, by writing a series of posts about Cinderella. I intend to do the same for the other fairytales I’ve written as well in the future. Here are those posts.

Cinderella Favorites

Original Cinderella

Once upon a Shoe

Here are the posts about books.

Children of Chaos

Tell no Tales

Stolen Brides of the Fae

Eldentimber series

I had one post that it’s pointless to link to, but I wanted to bring it up. Last month, I asked you which book I should give away for my birthday. 50% of you asked for Once upon a Rose. I’ve scheduled a free promotion for June 21st and a couple days around it as my birthday gift to you.

The Eldentimber Series

This is a series I’ve been following for a couple years now. The stories are interconnected, but they can stand on their own. The 6th book came out recently and I finished reading it a couple days ago. I’d highly recommend these books.

They are all available to buy on Amazon or read for free in KU. Here’s the series link and another link for a connected novella. If you’re interested in buying, there are also 2 boxed sets available that could save you money. Here’s the link for box set 1 and box set 2. The most recent book isn’t in the boxed sets, but everything else is.

Heres’ the description from the series page:

From Book 1: Thirty Knights. Five Events. One Determined Princess.

In order to avoid a loveless arranged marriage to a man she cannot stand, eighteen-year-old Princess Pippa of Lauramore makes a bold move: she begs her father to hold a marriage tournament. 

Knights travel from far and wide for a chance to win the princess’s hand, but she immediately sets her sights on one—Galinor of Glendon. He’s strong. He’s handsome. He’s a girl’s dream come true. 

But as the events progress, Pippa learns her valiant knight is prettier than he is capable. Left with no other choice, the princess enlists the help of the one man with the power to shatter the fragile balance of the tournament—a man she should keep at arm’s length. 

A man who calls her like a moth to a flame. 

Pippa knows she plays a dangerous game, but when the stakes are this high, she’s not sure if she can afford to walk away… 

Set in a rich fantasy world, Pippa of Lauramore is a take-your-breath-away fairy tale romance with unforgettable characters, humor, and heart.

Stolen Brides of the Fae

This series currently has four of eight books available, but so far, I’ve loved each one. I’m not familiar with all of the authors, but the ones I am familiar with are all YA authors. These books are being released a week apart, so they should all be out before the end of the month.

You can buy them or read them for free in KU on Amazon.

Here’s the description found on the series page:

From Book 1: When a mortal girl steals a necklace from a Goblin, there will be a price to pay…

Esther knows the rules. Don’t talk to the goblins. Don’t look at the goblins. Above all else, don’t buy or trade with the goblins. 

Then, one day before market, she sees a young rat faced boy selling a necklace that looks eerily like her mother’s, what’s a young girl to do? Of course she tries to buy it, but he won’t sell it to her. So she steals it because it’s her mother’s necklace. 

Lux knows the rules. He’s a jeweler and he can sell his wares to those who want to faithfully buy them. Something doesn’t feel right about selling this particular piece to the beautiful young woman who immediately steals his heart. So he doesn’t. 

But when he realizes the mortal girl stole from him, he’s forced to enact magic that can’t be unwritten. Stealing from a goblin always has a price. 

Stolen Goblin Bride is the first book in Stolen Brides of the Fae, a collection of short novels by eight of your favorite fantasy romance authors. Start reading today for swoon-worthy romance, heart-stopping adventure, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters!