April and May Roundup

Since I didn’t post much in April, I’ve combined the roundups.

Here are this month’s book promotions.

I started something new, by writing a series of posts about Cinderella. I intend to do the same for the other fairytales I’ve written as well in the future. Here are those posts.

Cinderella Favorites

Original Cinderella

Once upon a Shoe

Here are the posts about books.

Children of Chaos

Tell no Tales

Stolen Brides of the Fae

Eldentimber series

I had one post that it’s pointless to link to, but I wanted to bring it up. Last month, I asked you which book I should give away for my birthday. 50% of you asked for Once upon a Rose. I’ve scheduled a free promotion for June 21st and a couple days around it as my birthday gift to you.

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