Free Novella for Newsletter Subscribers

I’ve set up a Bookfunnel download for my newsletter subscribers. If you bought the anthology Tell No Tales, this is the same novella that I included in the collection. Since the anthology has run its course and the rights for the story were returned to me, I wanted to give this away to my subscribers.

If you aren’t a newsletter subscriber and you want to read this story, you can use this Bookfunnel signup link. If you are a current subscriber, you can find your download link on my subscriber page.

Help me decide

I’ve been considering writing something new. I’ve seen a lot about Kindle Vella lately, and I thought it might be fun to write bite sized stories for a change. One of the biggest benefits would be how fast I could finish such a small word count and get it to you.

My idea is to write a retelling of the Arabian Nights as a serial story. In essense, Scheherazade risks everything using her wits and storytelling skills to save countless lives. I already have a pretty strong idea of who Scheherazade would be in my version and how I would structure it.

This diverges pretty far from what I’ve been writing since everything so far works as a standalone. So I wanted to make sure that there is interest before I decide if I’m going to work on this.

Please let me know in the survey below. The question about your name and email is only necessary if you are (or want to be) subscribed to my newsletter. This information is only for my newsletter giveaway for the month. The prize is a paperback copy of my first 2 books.

April and May Roundup

Since I didn’t post much in April, I’ve combined the roundups.

Here are this month’s book promotions.

I started something new, by writing a series of posts about Cinderella. I intend to do the same for the other fairytales I’ve written as well in the future. Here are those posts.

Cinderella Favorites

Original Cinderella

Once upon a Shoe

Here are the posts about books.

Children of Chaos

Tell no Tales

Stolen Brides of the Fae

Eldentimber series

I had one post that it’s pointless to link to, but I wanted to bring it up. Last month, I asked you which book I should give away for my birthday. 50% of you asked for Once upon a Rose. I’ve scheduled a free promotion for June 21st and a couple days around it as my birthday gift to you.