January update

I hope the new year is going great for everyone. Last month, I ran a poll asking about what you want to see on social media and my website. The majority of you want more updates and book promotions and recommendations.

The results were very split on the subject of teasers, with the specific concern against them being spoilers. When I include teasers, I will make try to pick something that doesn’t include spoilers and if it does, I’ll make the warning obvious.

The majority result for how often I should be posting was whenever I had something to say, with a close second of weekly. So, I will attempt to have something to say every week, but I won’t stress it too much.

*Updated 2/3/21 Initially, I included the January promos in this post. I have removed them because they are expired

A. G. Marshall’s Fairy Tale Adventures

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I recently read both available books in this series, and I’m eager to read more when they come out. Princess of Shadows is a retelling of the Princess and the Pea, but it also has elements of Sleeping Beauty. Princess of Secrets is a Frog Prince retelling that starts about where the first book left off, though it follows different characters and I think the spoilers are minimal if you want to read them out of order. I found both books to be fun reads with interesting twists on the fairy tales they’re based on. Both are currently available in KU or for sale on Amazon.

*Updated 1/23/21

Princess of Mermaids, as the name suggests is a retelling of The Little Mermaid. The main character is one of the antagonists in Princess of Shadows, so I really enjoyed seeing her motivation for why she acted so awful during the princess test in the first book.

Princess of Roses is a fun version of Beauty and the Beast. This book made me think the series is turning in a direction that it may start to be a bad idea to read the books out of order. I still think the spoilers in the later books are minimal, but some of the events made me think this won’t be the case in any future books in the series.

These books are still available in KU if you have it. If you are interested in buying these books, I’d recommend getting the box set for the first 3 to get a bit of a discount.

Free Audiobook

I have 25 codes for a free copy of my audio version of Once upon a Shoe. If you’re interested, leave a comment. I’m posting this across all platforms and in my newsletter today and the codes will go to the first 25 people that respond. Please only respond in one place.

Word Games

I’ve always loved playing Mad Libs, so I made something similar for my own book. I can’t call it Mad Libs because that’s trademarked. But I pulled three short sections from Once upon a Shoe and made them into fill-in-the-blank word games. My son had fun playing them with me and I’ll post up some pics of the best ones soon.

Check out my extras page to download and play. I included a first page that has a list of the word types for anyone playing by themselves. I’d love to see any results in the comments, but please keep it within the range of PG-13 since this is for a YA book.