Have you read this retelling of Aladdin?

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Cahraman Trilogy by Lucy Tempest

This is a magical retelling of Aladdin with the twist of having a female thief and a prince. And although there are more books to be made in this world, these three books are Ada’s complete story and I would highly recommend reading them. If you have KU, then you can read them all for free. If you don’t then you can get a free trial on Amazon.

*Updated 1/23/21

This set of three books is part of a larger series. There are now 7 books (8, if you count the one on preorder) in the Fairytales of Folkshore series. The Aladdin retelling I talked about are the first three books of the series. The next two make up a Beauty and the Beast retelling. After that is one book for Cinderella then one for Sleeping Beauty. The one on preorder is a Snow White retelling.

For this series, I would strongly recommend that you read everything in order since each later book has details that could spoil some of the earlier books’ plot twists.

I’ve read and loved all of the books that are currently available in the series.