January/Early February Roundup

The purpose of this post is to share all of my most recent posts in one place. So here is what I’ve recently posted.

Since I’m guessing this is what most of you will be most interested in, here are the links to my posts about books I’ve read

Unseen Beauty

K.M. Shea’s Urban Fantasy series

Enchanting the Elven Mage

Here’s the post with all of this month’s book promos.

Here are a couple of non-book related posts, pertaining to other areas of my life.

A sneak peak into my life

My homemade chapstick

At the beginning of last month, I reviewed the results of a poll and talked about what I intend for social media and this website moving forward. You can find that post here.

Other than that, I’ve made some changes to my resource page for authors. It’s still far from complete, but I’m working on it. You can find that page here.