Join My Team

I’m looking for readers who love my books and want to help out.  Any awesome individuals who sign up have my deepest appreciation.  Here’s what you can expect for SIGNING UP:

  • Free digital copies of my upcoming books before they’re published
  • My gratitude with a spot on my acknowledgments page in my books to prove it
  • A chance to win an Amazon gift card after every book launch
  • Additional future benefits as my writing career grows


  • An honest Amazon review for each free book you receive.
  • Honest critique.  I want your feedback to help me write better books.
  • Point me to any lingering typos
  • Sharing posts on social media or any other way you want to talk about my books with others.
  • Feedback about what you want out of this team

* Please note that you aren’t required to help with everything. Just do whatever you are able and willing to do. If you leave a review, it doesn’t have to all be positive, just honest.