My Latest Hobby

As I sit writing this, I am aching all over from last night’s training and not exactly looking forward to torturing myself again tonight. I just joined a Jujitsu class. So hobby may not be the right word for it. It’s fun, but one of my biggest reasons for joining is to help meet my weight loss goal.

My son started classes in the summer of 2019. When Covid hit, the school he was in did everything virtually and I was pretty much his practice dummy since I didn’t know anything about it. They had resumed classes back in Texas for a few months before we moved. But he had to be out of it until recently since the gyms here were still shut down, so he’s only been able to go back for the last few months.

Despite my body pains, I think it is a fun activity that I’m glad to share with my son. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get used to it enough to not be so sore. And hopefully, I’ll not suck at it for too long either, LOL.

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