This Page is where I’ll update all of my works in progress and where they are at in the process. Many of these are working titles, so the title may change. If it changes after being up on this page, I’ll indicate both names for a while to help prevent confusion. If you are looking for my published books, you can find them on this page. If you are interested in the finished page count of my published books, I’ll include that at the bottom of this page.

The projects below only include active ones that I intend to publish. I have plenty of other ideas that may or may not get written and there are several early projects that, while I might decide to rework them later, I have no current intentions of letting them see the light of day.

Once upon a Story

  • Once upon a Betrothal – This one isn’t based on a fairytale, but it will have the same fairytale style I’ve been using in the rest of the series. This one is a hate to love romance between the royals of East and West Tierya. Since it is the project my subscribers voted on wanting the most, I intend to release this sometime this year. It’s in the rough draft stage at 21,032 words.
  • Once upon a Missing Memory – This is an Anastasia retelling. There haven’t been any references to these characters in my currently published books, but there are some pretty big tie-ins to Once upon a Betrothal and Once upon a Princess. This is in the rough draft stage at 3,461 words.
  • Once upon a Princess – This is a gender switched retelling of The Prince and the Pauper. There haven’t been any references in the books you’ve seen so far, but this ties in closely with Once upon a Betrothal and Once upon an Isle of Treasure. This is in the rough draft stage with 2,558 words.
  • Once upon an Isle of Treasure – This retelling of Treasure Island has finished in the editing stage at 21556 words. It’s out of my hands and set to be published in the Tell No Tales boxed set on July 31st. You can preorder it on Amazon or use this link for other stores. This one will start to bridge the two sides of the world since travel is involved.
  • Once upon a Wicked Stepsister – This will be Anna’s story (from Once upon a Shoe). It’s currently in the rough draft stage at 3,528 words. Once it’s finished, I intend to make this a free perk for my newsletter subscribers and publish it wide.
  • Once upon a Stepmother – This one is a prequel story for Once upon a Shoe. Although I haven’t worked on this one in a while, I technically have almost half of the rough draft done, but it’s all handwritten, so I’m not sure of the word count yet. When I was initially writing Once upon a Shoe, I had a lot more scenes from Iris’ point of view, starting back when she was a teenager. But I realized pretty early on that Iris would need her own story.
  • Once upon a Crimson Cloak – This will be a Little Red Riding Hood story, set on the opposite side of the Once Upon a Story world from what’s been shown so far. There was a very subtle reference to it in Once upon a Silent Song. This is in the rough draft stage with a current word count of 2,160, though I have some misplaced handwritten pages somewhere that will add to this count.
  • Once upon a Sea Witch – This one follows Mariska (Nimue’s sister from Once upon a Silent Song). This is in the rough draft stage with 13,814 words that I wrote while her story was still attached to Nimue’s, but I still need to work out some developmental issues from the other lead character before I continue.
  • Untitled story for Iona – this one may or may not end up being based on a fairy tale. Currently, I’m still deciding the specifics of her story in the developmental stage.
  • Untitled gender swapped Aladdin retelling – The developmental stage is finished and I’m ready to start drafting. This one will take place on the opposite side of the Once upon a Story world as you know it.
  • Untitled Rumplestiltskin – This one follows Jenna (Ella’s friend from Once upon a Shoe). Right now it’s in the rough draft stage, but I still need to do a bit more world building centered on where the male lead comes from. My Scrivener file is sitting at 741 words and I also have another 3 hand written pages that I haven’t entered yet, so probably somewhere between 1-2 thousand words total.
  • Untitled Snow White (May or may not be in this series, but I’m leaning toward having it here) – This is in the developmental stage. I’m still deciding on whether or not the magic rules for this book fit within the rules I’ve already established for the series (most of which hasn’t been shown in the published books yet because the other side of the world is a bit different, for good reason).
  • Untitled Snow White supplemental following the stepmother– This is in the developmental stage. It will be part of a multi-author anthology in early 2023 or late 2022. Unlike the rest of my series, this one will be a dark fantasy story.


  • Untitled Children of Chaos story – This is currently in the rough draft stage at 6,715 words. Since this is one that is part of a group series, the release date is already set for December of 2022
  • Untitled werewolf story – This is in the developmental stage. I have a concept and a few handwritten pages where I’m getting to know the characters and the world, but not much else.
  • Untitled vampire story – This is in the developmental stage. Although it’s been on my mind for as long as Once upon a Shoe, I only recently figured out my main characters for the story. I have a several handwritten developmental pages that I’ve written over the years that may or may not make it into the book.
  • Untitled Hades and Persephone story – This is one that I’m pretty sure will be published under a new pen name once it’s done because it doesn’t really fit with the younger audience I’ve been focusing on as A.R. Summers. The 1st draft is finished at 30,294 words and I am in my first editing pass, which consists of adding and taking away, though it usually results in a greater overall word count.
  • Untitled Elemental Story – This is another one that I don’t think will fit under A.R. Summers. It’s still in the developmental stage.
  • Untitled choose your own adventure book– this is one that will probably have a different pen name than A.R. Summers or the alternate one I’ve been considering. This is a project I’m working on with my 10 year old, so it will be more appropriate for a younger audience than any of my other work. It’s in the rough draft stage at 908 words.

Published books word counts

  • Once upon a Shoe – 53,379
  • Once upon a Silent Song – 50,031 words
  • Once upon a Rose – 50,498